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Every day, potential customers search for your services or products.

Is your website visible there or only that of your competitors?
As an SEO freelancer, I can help you get to page 1 on Google.

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As an SEO freelancer, I can support you with this


SEO Audit

Analysis of the technology and content of your website so that you know where you stand.


SEO support

Customized SEO strategy that fits your requirements.


SEO monitoring & web analytics

Relevant figures without having to spend hours looking everything up.

Individual services

Optimize SEO or Google Ads ads?

Paid advertising on Google brings you visitors immediately - but only for as long as you pay for it.

SEO aims to improve the visibility of a website in the organic search results of search engines in the long term.
Once well-positioned, content can generate traffic for months or years without you having to pay for it continuously.

Users tend to trust organic search results more than paid ads.

Ads bring you visitors immediately. Search engine advertising can therefore be an ideal complement to search engine optimization. As a certified Google Partner, I can set up and manage your Google Ads advertising campaigns.

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Questions and answers

Can SEO success be planned?

The good news: SEO is science.

Good Google rankings are not a product of chance, but can be explained logically.

Of course, this is no guarantee of success. But it does show that a great deal is possible with care, diligence and continuity.

To keep your risk as low as possible, I have a suggestion for you:

Let's start with an individual short analysis - an SEO audit, with a comparably low investment amount, which will give you clarity about the current state and potential of your website.

Is SEO worthwhile?

In the long term, investing in content and optimizing it for the user and the search engine always pays off. This content still works even if you don't pay for advertising. Depending on the search term, this can be several euros per click. With good content, this quickly adds up to a considerable value. At a conference, I learned that companies keep the value of their content on their balance sheet.

When will I see the first SEO results?

SEO is not just a few tricks that you do quickly and the site appears at number 1 on Google. It is strategic work over a longer period of time. One-off individual measures are usually not enough for sustainable improvements. Results are only visible after weeks or months.

Search engine advertising can be an ideal complement to search engine optimization in order to see short-term results and get more visitors.

Can you support us with SEA / Google Ads?

Yes, I am a Google Partner and can create and manage your Ads campaigns.

I always see search engine advertising as a complement to search engine optimization. That's why I only offer it together with an SEO strategy.

The synergies definitely bring added value. Experience shows that a target page that is not optimized is usually not effective in attracting customers. When optimizing the target page, we are already in the middle of search engine optimization (SEO).

I have partners in my network for larger Google Ads campaigns and volumes.

Which tools do I use as an SEO freelancer?

I use various tools such as Sistrix, Semrush, ahrefs, ContentKing, SEOMonitor, Screaming Frog. For specific tasks, I use and develop my own tools based on Phyton, R or PHP.

Normally we can use my tools and licenses. So you don't need expensive tools yourself.

Do I need a new website for SEO to work?

Minor optimizations can be enough to improve your position. Sometimes, however, more extensive revisions are necessary. We take a look at this in the brief analysis & potential analysis so that you have clarity here.

We already have an agency for our website, can we still work with you?

No problem, they complement each other perfectly. I've worked in agencies for years and enjoy working with them for the other disciplines.

Can you implement our entire website?

Yes, but I'm not the classic WordPress freelancer who makes you a website, nor am I an agency for glossy websites. My approach is holistic websites that work for the user and SEO.

I'm happy to work with your agency, designer and frontend developer to create a beautiful design, or I can recommend someone from my network.

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