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With over 7 years of experience in craft CMS development, I can help you make your website work. Technically and for SEO.

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Why work with me as a Craft CMS freelancer?

I am listed as a partner in the Craft Partner Network(

Over 7 years of experience with Craft CMS

As an experienced Craft CMS developer, I not only bring technical know-how, but also valuable experience from other projects for the optimal use of the CMS.

Using the Yii Framework for over 14 years

Yii is the basis on which Craft CMS is built. I already have a lot of experience in the implementation of larger corporate projects in this framework.

Flexible like a freelancer, project tools like in an agency

Efficient project management and communication is important for both of us. We can use my ticket system (YouTrack) or your JIRA, asana or similar for this.

Of course, I work on all projects via a version management system (GitHub, GitLab). You get direct access to this - your website, your project data. So you have access to everything you need in the worst case.

In a network with other developers

Is your project big? I have other Craft CMS developers in my network!

I am also open if you already have an existing team and are looking for reinforcements.

Holistically functioning websites

My aim is to create websites that function holistically in terms of technology, optimal use by users and editors and the perfect basis for SEO and further marketing.

HubSpot can be optimally combined with Craft CMS for lead management and marketing automation, for example.

Will you make us a complete Craft CMS website?

Yes, but I'm not the classic freelancer who makes you a website, nor am I an agency for glossy websites. My approach is holistic websites that work for the user and SEO.

I'm happy to work with your agency, designer and front-end developer to create a beautiful design or I can recommend someone from my network.

When should you not work with me?

If you are simply looking for a service provider to make a few adjustments to your Craft CMS website - and don't want to see the potential of optimizing your website holistically.

  • In good company: one of the most important sites in the field of SEO,, relies on Craft for its website.

  • No collection of plugins for every little thing - I can easily customize everything without plugins.

    Markus Antoni
  • In a world of rigid solutions, Craft CMS was a game changer that allowed me to implement everything without bending the system.

    Markus Antoni

Why Craft CMS?

One of the strengths of Craft CMS is its ability to store data in a structured way.

In contrast to Wordpress, for example, where content, design and technical customizations are often stored in a large block of text, Craft CMS allows data to be stored in a structured form that makes it easy to manage and reuse content.

Customizable to your website with individual fields and content structures.

Craft CMS is flexible. Unlike many other CMS that force you into certain designs or structures, Craft CMS offers the freedom to design everything exactly as it is best for the user and editor.

E-commerce optional

Craft CMS can be extended with Craft Commerce as an e-commerce solution.Craft Commerce extends the flexibility of the CMS for the implementation of individual online stores. Various payment gateways (e.g. Stripe, PayPal, Mollie) are integrated. Alternatively, there is a good option for connecting Craft CMS with Shopify and mapping the checkout process via Shopify.

Simple image management

Craft CMS offers flexible asset management with an image editor that allows adjustments to be made directly in the CMS.

Working with images and other assets can be a challenge. In addition to intuitive management including an image editor, Craft CMS helps with the automatic generation of different image sizes and formats.

Used by brands worldwide

Brands such as adidas, VW, Netflix and one of the most important SEO sites use Craft CMS.

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