SEO Expert and MarTech Consultant Markus Antoni

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I support marketing departments in building organic reach, in the transformation from data chaos to meaningful figures, right through to automated lead generation.

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One website is not enough

I created my first websites for clients in 1998.

I quickly realized that a website alone was not enough and I realized that most companies were missing something in their online presence: being found. I then delved deeper into the topic of what search engines are and how you can attract customers via a website.

Erste webssite
Over 25 years of experience

I have many years of agency experience and have been self-employed as a freelancer since 2017.

I have been self-employed as Freelander since 2017, before that I worked at oddity (now WONGDOODY) for more than 8 years.
My first agency was Mackevision (now Accenture) in 1999 in the "New Media" division, which was being set up at the time.

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There from the start

From C64 to BTX to Internet.

I grew up with the Internet and its predecessors (who remembers the AOL CDs with the free hours?).
I've been fascinated by BTX, the mailbox scene and FidoNet since the early 90s.

It's now been over 25 years since I had my first website with my own domain. Man, was I proud. Especially of the domain. They were still really expensive back then. But I had to have it.

Today, I love combining the technical nerd stuff with strategically important topics.

  • I already know the Internet from a time when you could access the Internet for 12 minutes with a modem for 23 pfennigs.

    Markus Antoni
  • My server rack in the basement and my network infrastructure make even larger companies envious.

    Markus Antoni
  • You used to be able to convince Google that this was the case by saying "I'm the best" 50 times with white text on a white background.

    Markus Antoni
  • When there are new gadgets, I have to have them. I'm one of those people who press the reload button minutes before it goes on sale to be the first to get it.

    Markus Antoni
  • I only buy so many new gadgets so that my wife always has something to talk about.

    Markus Antoni
  • One of my son's first words was "Alexa".

    Markus Antoni
  • When everyone had the e-cigarette and was no longer mistaken for the flash thing from Men in Black, I stopped using it.

    Markus Antoni
  • I actually eat everything - except mushrooms and peppers.

    Markus Antoni
  • I grow hot peppers. They are actually peppers.

    Markus Antoni
  • It's been over 25 years since I had my first website with its own domain. Man, was I proud. Especially of the domain. They were still really expensive back then. But I had to have it.

    Markus Antoni
Play child

Grown up, but still as curious as a child

For many things, I have my approach or "framework" that works. But I'm still as curious as a child and am constantly trying out new tools and solutions. And if they're good, I'm happy to pass them on and use them with my customers.

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Scalability and "double bottom" through my network and advantages of a freelancer.

You can rest assured, even if your project turns out to be larger. In my network, I cooperate with specialists from various fields in order to realize even extensive and complex projects. I have a long-standing and continuous working relationship with many of these experts. This provides you with a "double bottom line" so that you are covered even if I am not directly available.

At the same time, I offer you the advantages of a freelancer with expertise and manageable fixed costs compared to an SEO agency, who is there as your direct contact person.

Team Videokonferenz
Southeastern Baden-Württemberg

Homebase in Remseck am Neckar near Stuttgart

Together with my wife and our two children, I live in Remseck am Neckar. That's near Stuttgart, not far from Ludwigsburg.

We can often see each other in person at meetings in the Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg, Heilbronn, Tübingen and Esslingen areas.
I have an online-only relationship with many of my clients - and that works really well.

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Questions and answers

Can you realize our complete website?

Yes, but I'm not the classic WordPress freelancer who makes you a website, nor am I an agency for glossy websites. My approach is holistic websites that work for the user and SEO.

I'm happy to work with your agency, designer and front-end developer to create a beautiful design or I can recommend someone from my network.

Do you work for agencies or management consultancies?

Yes, there are various options for how I can complement your expertise. White labeling is possible, but agencies and management consultancies usually introduce me transparently to their clients as an expert.

Tip: A brief SEO analysis from me has often helped open doors for new clients.

Working together in partnership?

For most of my clients, our collaboration quickly feels like I'm part of their team.

Get me on your team as an SEO freelancer, web analytics consultant, HubSpot freelancer, Craft CMS freelancer. Or for your own MarTech stack - I'm curious and open to new things.

Sounds interesting to you? Then let's have a quick chat to find out how I can best help you and your team.

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